The Surface

So what’s so special about Proslope’s ProSnoTM Matting?

The choice of surface material for any project is critical. The long held mantra of ski coaching: ‘safety, enjoyment and learning’ has never been more important in today’s age of litigation.

Proslope Matting can be used for new or existing slopes. Its design allows it to be laid easily and tailored to fit existing steel brush matting.

It is a multi-disciplinary product that can be used for: general snowsports coaching and learning; alpine race training; freestyle or snowtubing and tobogganing.

People that have used it, tell us it feels so much safer and therefore inspires confidence. It has no protruding metal or voids to catch stray digits or limbs.

We use a geotextile shock membrane that cushions users against any accidental falls, thereby lessening shock impacts.

Proslope’s ProSnoTM surface combines the best of all worlds. Using tried and tested brush technology, its secret lies in it’s Variable Height Filaments (VHF - patent pending). This allows skis or boards less surface contact (less friction and therefore reduced heat build up, but better grip and edge control when in contact with the lower height bristles.

We use PolyButyl Teraphthallate (PBT) mono filament which is recognised in the industry as the most durable.

Combined with our ‘Superslide™’ additive it is probably one of, if not the quickest slope surface on the market.

We also offer Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts to artificial dry ski slope operators ensuring that your snowsports investment is kept in optimum condition, looking nice and also safe for customers.

Paul Robinson – Silksworth:

  * Much faster
  * Softer to fall on and slide on
  * So fast to slide on
  * Big smiles on their faces
  * Everyone’s loving it
  * Much more confident
  * Holds water and retains it

Proslope offers many benefits

For Centre Operators

  * Simple to install and easily replaced, reducing staff time on maintenance
  * Lower cost per metre – higher return on investment
  * Caters for ALL types of users: Beginners; Intermediates; Advanced; Freestylers; Alpine Racers; Snowtubing and Tobogganing
  * Increased range of options for laying and shaping
  * Edge hold up to 35 degrees+
  * Various fixing options and can be retrofitted to existing ‘Dendix’ type facilities
  * Retains water/moisture, meaning less cost on water, filtration and sprinkler systems
  * Cleanable – better aesthetic appearance, overcoming problems of moss and vegetation build up
  * Greater customer satisfaction and repeat business
  * Increased lifespan

For Customers

  * Learn quicker through increased confidence
  * Greater enjoyment
  * Safer – no big holes, voids or metal to damage digits and limbs
  * Suitable for all snowsports users
  * Softer to fall on
  * Faster – use of additives increases speed substantially
  * Better technique through ability to carve

For the Environment

  * Plastics are recyclable
  * Possible use of recycled PET for base
  * Uses less water
  * Uses long lasting PBT bristles increasing lifespan of product

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