About Proslope

At Proslope we are passionate about snowsports, mountain life and adrenaline sports. We want to spread that passion and enthusiasm.

The UK phenomenon of ‘dry slope’ skiing started in the 70’s. Of course those early days were mostly limited to steel brush that when you fell over, you invariably hurt yourself...

Over the past 40 years a revolution has taken place in snowsports. From the late 80’s with: extreme skiing; snowboarding with its skateboarding roots and then more latterly skiing with ‘nu’ (sic) school and freeriding.

What is clear within this evolution is that nearly 30 years on, steel brush still dominates the UK ‘artificial’ ski slope market, but the industry is modernising and updating and to many new users of the sport ‘steel brush’ is no longer appealing and in some circumstances safe.

The advent of indoor ski centres has raised the game. Dry ski slopes are now recognising that they are more than just ‘ski slopes’. They are centres that can offer much more with: fun parks for freeriding, snowtubing for children’s parties and adrenaline features to ensure repeat business. They have to compete for business with a huge range of leisure and entertainment providers.

With that in mind, centres are responding to the changing environment and offering the best facilities and services they can afford, thereby meeting the expectations of the new environment, of existing and new customers?

We know that artificial surfaces will never replicate real snow, but it has to be said, real snow comes in many shapes and forms; some good – fresh corduroy lines; some not so good - ice/crust/marbles and some sublime – deep powder

Any ‘dry’ slope surface is ultimately a compromise, but our mission is to provide the best surfaces for people’s enjoyment, that is safe, long lasting and looks good.

ProSnoTM matting has been designed to meet the needs of snowsports enthusiasts of the 21st century. It ensures that customers are safer, they enjoy it more and learn quicker.

We’re bringing the fun, excitement and enjoyment of the mountains to people who would not normally get those opportunities.


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